I have been interested in family history since I was about 12, and used to badger my nan for stories of when she was young. Since then I have spent many happy hours (and many frustrated ones!) digging around in a variety of record offices around the country.  Now, with so much genealogy data online, I am making many more discoveries, and gradually updating what I have on here.  I have made connections to the gentry class of Norfolk and Suffolk, which has opened many new doors, and I have discovered the joys and frustrations of wills and published pedigrees, and extended a toe into the medieval period.

If you want to contact me please mail – remove nospam. from the address

Please note that all data comes from the relevant parish register unless otherwise stated, and will normally be a baptism unless indicated otherwise.

Harold Luker ancestors

Wadley Searle ancestors


3 thoughts on “Genealogy

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  2. Toni Nairn

    Thank you so much for putting this freely available online! I have finally found more information on my great grandfather John Nairn and so much more than I imagined! I would love to know where you found all of this information. I have struggled for years to find anything!
    Kind Regards


  3. Jonathan Reeves

    Hi I notice you descend from one of the Reeve families from Good Easter/High Easter in Essex. I’ve been researching this family some with a descendant as part of The Reeves Project, a global collaboration of Reeve(s) researching working on all different Reeve families. Here are a few of the pages I’ve worked on for these folks:

    If you are researching these families, you should join and work with us. This group is about 12 years old and grew out of the much older Reeves YDNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA. As Reeves men who descend from various Reeves lines take the YDNA test, we are able to group many of the historical Reeve(s) families and see which are related and which aren’t. Feel free to join and contribute if you’re interested.



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