I have been interested in family history since I was about 12, and used to badger my nan for stories of when she was young. Since then I have spent many happy hours (and many frustrated ones!) digging around in a variety of record offices around the country.  Now, with so much genealogy data online, I am making many more discoveries, and gradually updating what I have on here.  I have made connections to the gentry class of Norfolk and Suffolk, which has opened many new doors, and I have discovered the joys and frustrations of wills and published pedigrees, and extended a toe into the medieval period.

If you want to contact me please mail – remove nospam. from the address

Please note that all data comes from the relevant parish register unless otherwise stated, and will normally be a baptism unless indicated otherwise.

Harold Luker ancestors

Wadley Willis ancestors


2 thoughts on “Genealogy

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  2. Toni Nairn

    Thank you so much for putting this freely available online! I have finally found more information on my great grandfather John Nairn and so much more than I imagined! I would love to know where you found all of this information. I have struggled for years to find anything!
    Kind Regards



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